Book Review: Dragon Fate

Three dragon siblings separated shortly after their hatching have faced innumerable challenges on their troubled journey to adulthood. With very different temperaments, strengths and weaknesses, AuRon, Wistala and RuGaard fought and lost battles that cost them dearly. Licking their wounds, the siblings retreated from the politics, machinations and betrayals that marked their attempts to provide the world with a semblance of order. As ancient enemies and humans rise up, scheming against dragonkind, the siblings will have overcome the odds or their species could face extinction.

This dismal final book of the Age of Fire series fails to deliver much action, character development, meaningful dialog or storyline. Indeed, with the constantly shifting perspectives that apparently even the author couldn’t keep up with as names, mates, etc were mixed up. It is little wonder readers will be confused and questioning the editing as well as the author’s motivation. Such shortcomings could be excused if the action or plot delivered a punch but sadly, while a few loose ends are tidied up, there is little to recommend this book even to die-hard fans. The characters seem one-dimensional as the tale randomly flits from spot to spot, the antagonist fails to engage and forget about a surprise ending. For such a strong series, this is a major disappointment.
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