Book Review: Doubleweave

Jennifer Moore’s years of weaving experience demystifies doubleweave with her clearly written descriptions. Cross-section illustrations show how each weft throw interlaces with the warp layers thus making this versatile fabric accessible to even novice weavers. Starting with the basics of setting up a simple light and dark warp on a four-shaft loom, Moore then goes into how she winds the warp and dresses her loom before moving into the specifics of weaving a sampler that introduces weavers to a variety of techniques. The Sun, Moon and Stars Runner encourages weavers to experiment with the design possibilities of overshot drafts and each project leaves ample room for exploration.

While the primary focus is on 4-harness looms there are also some nice 8-harness projects including the striking Autumn Windows runner that uses eleven colors to create two-sided graduated blocks. Nearly all the projects use the weavers staple, 5/2 pearle cotton so no special materials are required beyond the desire to learn. More then a cookbook style pattern book, this provides a working knowledge of doubleweave that will allow weavers to confidently design and work their own designs.

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