Book Review: Do-Over

Remember the most embarrassing moments of your childhood; ever wish you could go back for a “do-over” with the advantage of your adult knowledge and experience? With the assistance of understanding school personnel, parents and a host of others, that is just what Hemley managed to do. At forty-eight, this father of three set off relive the most shameful events of his past including the terror of Mrs. Collins, the kindergarten teacher who hated him; bullying in the sixth grade and prom night at his old high school partnered with the same girl. As Hemley revisits the scenes of former humiliations, he comes away with insights into the events that made him the person he is today and gains perspectives about his role as a parent, husband and community member.

Witty, perceptive and sometimes deeply personal, Hemley shows how the education process in general has changed for the better while illustrating how childhood has evolved from what he knew in the 60’s. Particularly interesting is how successful Hemley was in gaining the cooperation of so many participants in this unusual trek into the past. Well written and insightful, this engaging book will cast new light on some of your most embarrassing childhood memories.

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