Book Review: Diet-Free for Life

Ferguson lays out a sound, commonsense approach to maintaining healthy eating habits based on balancing proteins and carbohydrates to maximize the glycemic index while weaning readers off compulsive scale watching. Personal fitness trainers have long advocated proper eating habits coupled with exercise and this approachable guide gently provides the necessary skills to make lasting changes based, in part on altering the mindset towards food. Rather then depriving yourself of your favorite foods, Ferguson shows how it is possible to enjoy the things you love in sensible portions and combinations with other foods to maximize how it is metabolized. This approach coupled with exercise and motivational keys start with a twenty-one day program that offers a lifelong solution to the diet yo-yo.

Packed with personal anecdotes and non-technical science plus a wealth of advice for everything from shopping tips to surviving dining out, this understandable guide is an excellent way to putting those New Year’s resolutions into action. Self-tests provide a window into your strengths and weaknesses allowing readers to focus on those areas that require the most attention. Sound nutritional information provides the knowledge necessary to make healthy choices and take control of your relationship with food.

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