Book Review: Delayed Justice

Every police department across the country has a collection of cold cases, some ice cold but thanks to advances in the forensic sciences and the sheer dogged determination of dedicated investigators, more then a few of these cases are resolved, providing families with much needed closure. The Branson’s reveal how lack of evidence, too heavy a caseload and preconceived notions among other reasons can lead to cases going cold. The authors then show how cases are warmed up, including a twelve-step list for assembling a team and opening a new investigation. Cases like the strangulation of Gwendolyn Moore at the hands of her sadistic husband had to wait decades for resolution and demonstrate how hard work and changes within the criminal justice system can close an ice-cold case.

Using resolved cold cases to illustrate their points, this informative guide will appeal to anyone in law enforcement and true crime fans alike. By giving voices to real victims like rape survivor Jessica, the Branson’s show the dramatic impact closing a cold case can have on not only on the victims but also their families. This is true crime procedural at its best, don’t miss it. 


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