Book Review: Death of a Valentine

Scottish police sergeant and confirmed bachelor Hamish Macbeth faces the biggest challenge of his life, he is about to be married to his inept Constable Josie McSween. The murder of highland beauty Annie Fleming via a letter bomb puts Hamish on a twisted path of drugs, deception and multiple murders as he discovers that behind the face of an angel lurked the soul of a bitch. Hamish remains unaware that a more devious monster is stalking him has he falls prey to a cunning ploy that will challenge Elspeth’s considerable investigative abilities to reveal before it is too late.

Liberally laced with humor, this might be the funniest of the series as one drugging attempt after another goes astray. Josie’s character is interesting and flawed enough that one wonders how she got through the necessary psychological testing or how those around her failed to detect the smell of alcohol. Hamish’s nemesis Detective Blair continues to be an ever more serious threat. Readers will have to wonder if anything will ever come of Hamish and Elspeth’s on again/off again relationship while enjoying the antics of his unusual pets. Another delightful addition to the wildly popular series.

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