Book Review: Dead Reckoning

It’s a good thing business has been slow at Merlotte’s what with a firebombing followed by an attack by four big thugs, the problem is discovering who is responsible and there is no shortage of suspects. Since the two-natured, better known as were’s came out, Sam Merlotte let it be known that he is one and now there is no shortage of humans who hate him but telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse is certain the attacks are meant for her. By vampire standards, Sookie is married to Eric Northman, vampire sheriff of northern Louisiana. After Felipe, King of Nevada, Arkansas and Louisiana rose to power and appointed power hungry Victor Madden to be his Louisiana proxy, Eric’s position has been shaky at best. Victor, embittered at not getting a higher appointment, has been hard at work trying to provoke a fight with Eric thus having good reason to destroy him.

With two exiled fae relatives living under her roof, Sookie has just begun questioning why they are there. Calling witchy friend Amanda for help restoring the protective house wards, Sookie takes part in a ritual to cut her bond to Eric only to realize the potential fallout after the deed is done. Sandra Pelt escaped from jail and won’t rest until she has killed Sookie by any means possible. With so many enemies its difficult for Sookie to know where the next attack is going to come from which means its time to become proactive and start planning Victor’s demise.  Now if only Sookie can live long enough to throw the baby shower she promised to host.

Sookie nearly meets her match in this fast-paced story filled with subplots and life changing revelations that leave her reeling while questioning the motives of those nearest and dearest. Lots of additional background history adds to Sookie’s character while providing insight into the fae community. With all the new subplots, fans can only wonder what direction the series will take next, especially as Sookie’s relationship with Eric has reached a vital turning point. Although this is the eleventh book of the series, it delivers surprises, page-ripping action and twists enough to leave fans anxiously awaiting more.


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