Book Review: Daybreak Zero

Ten months ago the mysterious force known as Daybreak launched an all out assault on the human race through a series of fusion bomb attacks and the release of petroleum eating nanoswarms that resulted in the death of billions. Now the world is a different place, old technologies have been resurrected while the United States is divided into two main governments. The Constitutional Government and National Government distrust each other and neither can decide on a clear course for the country as a moon gun effectively knocks out all big radio transmissions. Head of the Reconstruction Research Center, Heather O’Grannie aided by Arnie Yang and other dedicated personnel struggle to find out more about Daybreak while putting out numerous brush fires in the form of missing aircraft, negotiating hostage releases and dealing with the many Tribes who are rapidly gaining strength.

Told from several perspectives and locations, this tale hopscotches around the country juggling a number of subplots yet does little to illuminate the true origin of Daybreak. All readers can be sure of is Daybreak means to wipe out humanity and everyone can be taken over by it, sometimes without them even being aware of the danger before its too late. While an interesting story, the many often sketchy characters coupled with a lack of clear direction make the second book of the Daybreak series a laborious read.

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