Book Review: Darkness Devours

With the vampire council still trying to decide her fate, half-werewolf, half-Aedj Risa Jones is not in a position to refuse her latest assignment which involves tracking down whoever is responsible for killing blood-whore addicted vampires. With no real leads Risa calls for assistance from Jak, a reporter and the werewolf ex-lover who betrayed her trust. Jak discovers there is a consortium made up of three members and while he can account for two of them, the third is an elusive figure who might be a face changer. Risa and her reaper Azriel, found and lost the key to one of the portals to hell and the hunt is on for the remainder. Should the consortium or a host of other groups open the remaining portals, the assorted occupants of hell will be free to roam the earth.

Risa and Azriel soon discover the vampire killer is a Rakshasa, an extremely powerful creature that delights in fear and pain. Juggling all the varied dangerous elements coming at her taxes Risa’s ability to the limit but even then, she finds time to learn more about Azriel as he finally opens up and reveals a bit of his long history. Azriel too is challenged as he tries to protect his charge but the Rakshasa are formidable advisories and ultimately, Risa must rely on her own abilities and smarts if she is to come out alive.

In the third book of the Dark Angels series readers learn much more about Azriel including the reason he was assigned to Risa. Although passion simmers just beneath the surface between Risa and Azriel, it is his deep-seated sense of honor that really comes through in this story, a good thing too as Risa seems incapably of realizing what’s right beside her. Several subplots keep the action fast, Risa’s friends and contacts continue riding to the rescue and by the climax, one has to wonder just how many tight places she can get out of before it all catches up with her.

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