Book Review: Cure for the Common Breakup

Flight attendant Summer Benson was having difficulty deciding how to handle her boyfriend’s marriage proposal in Paris when the unimaginable happens and the plane goes down shortly after takeoff. While recovering in the hospital from a damaged spleen and assorted other injuries, Summer’s love interest breaks off their relationship and despite her previous objections to marriage, it throws her into a spin. Needing a change of scenery, Summer leaves the hospital to drive down to the little community of Black Dog Bay, Delaware, known as the place to go to recover from a breakup. Immediately upon arrival, Summer runs over the prized roses of Dutch Jansen, the town mayor. Summer quickly begins making an impact on the quiet community while setting her sights on the eligible but supposedly unavailable mayor. Just as astonishing to the local residents was the town curmudgeon Hattie Huntington hiring Summer as a companion though she took the job under duress. Not even Dutch can withstand the whirlwind force of Summer when she turns her attention and soon, they are dancing around building a relationship. For the first time in her life, Summer is considering settling down, marrying Dutch and building a life but festering old grudges threaten to tear the town apart. To spare the town, Summer will have to leave Dutch, a hopeless choice that once again robs her of any chance of happiness. Kendrick’s signature humor helps gloss over some serious issues with the storyline. Anyone who has suffered a major injury or burn knows, getting up, walking out of the hospital and driving long distances a mere two days afterwards is highly unlikely. Just as improbable is falling asleep in hard Adirondack chair with back burns. It is also odd that someone obviously disturbed by a breakup could instantly rebound at the sight of one grumpy male. Overlooking these problems, this is a lighthearted romance with an assortment of delightful, sometimes flawed characters. Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.