Book Review: Cult Eyewear

As shown by exquisitely worked carved filigree patterned glasses, created in 1663 by Melchior Schelkie, designer eyewear has been around for a very long time. With its forward regarding imitations, a 1933 catalog of frames clearly demonstrates that even then, forgeries and fakes abounded. After an informative introduction to the history of fashionable eyewear, Handley, an expert on eyewear history, examines the work of thirty-one famous name designer/manufacturers. Through engaging dialog and a multitude of color photos, Handley documents the development and evolution of the most iconic eyewear designs while providing a sampling of the prominent people who wore or wear them.

Whether it is the Neostyle of Walter A. Nufer, made popular by none other then Elvis Presley, the hip, wacky styling of Anglo American, or the timeless appeal of Cartier as shown by big name film stars such as Tom Cruise, you’ll find it all here in one comprehensive volume. This entertaining book will appeal to fashion designers and anyone who enjoys a fabulous pair of glasses.

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