Book Review: Crochet So Fine

During the past several years, crochet has undergone a dramatic change for the better as illustrated by this collection of twenty contemporary designs from kicky hats to breathtakingly lacey shawls. Using an assortment of lighter gauge yarns, these garments have the drape usually associated with knitwear as seen in the gauzy Diamonds Shawl and the Petals Wrap Cardigan featured on the cover. The Shimmer Beaded Lace Cape and versatile Orchid Circular Shawl are especially nice and it is easy to see the influence of organic forms in Omdahl’s designs.

Clear, row-by-row instructions are augmented by color charted stitch diagrams which are particularly helpful in visualizing how the stitches work together to form the overall design. Crocheters familiar with hairpin lace will want to check out the Tranquil Tunic while the Cables and Lace Hat provide the perfect place to learn broomstick lacework. Each design is photographed on a model with overall and close-up shots so you know exactly what the stitches and garments are doing. Naturally as with any collection, not every pattern appeals to everyone but overall this book has plenty of designs that will send the intermediate and advanced crocheter grabbing their hooks and raiding the yarn stash. 

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