Book Review: Cold Days

After Ghost Story, Butcher’s previous lack luster installment to the Dresden Files, fans could be excused for thinking the long running series was on a downward spiral and thankfully, they would be WRONG! In Cold Days, the wizard Harry is back with his signature humor, quick thinking and smart-aleck tongue intact. Awakening within the confines of Faeries Winter Court, Harry is now Queen Mab’s new Winter Knight facing daily contests of survival as she hones him for the job. While attending a party staged by Mab, Harry quickly finds himself being cleverly maneuvered by the Queen’s daughter Maeve who is every bit as crazy and power hungry as her mother. Charged by Mab with a nearly impossible task, Harry is equally drawn into real world problems that leave him little choice but to call in the assistance of friends and with the odds stacked against him, he’ll need all the friends he can find.

Filled with the usual self-depreciating humor, assorted oddball characters and Harry attempting to keep the seduction of increasing power under control, Butcher delivers another strong fantasy. Demonreach, a magical island that Harry is tied to emerges as a more important location then hinted at earlier as more of its secrets are revealed. Fae politics and family difficulties play major roles but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of old grudges rising up to bite Harry on the butt. While many questions were answered, there are plenty of new twists to maintain interest and it is certain that the changes facing Harry’s apprentice will play a big part in upcoming additions to this long running series.

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