Book Review: Chosen

As the first anniversary of the attack that turned her into a vampire draws near, Anna Strong is still trying to cope with balancing her changed status while working with a human partner and maintaining family ties. It’s not easy, especially as Anna is developing new abilities that include being able to detect evil in both humans and preternaturals. After an attempt on her life, Anna joined her boyfriend Lance at his palatial home in Palm Springs where she is immediately maneuvered into making a dubious deal with Julian Underwood, the master who sired Lance and Warren Williams, her old nemesis.

Julian is a vampire, sorcerer and a genuinely evil master bent upon twisting Anna and her emerging talents into his personal tool. Williams is equally determined to see Anna take her place as the Chosen One who will shape the future of vampires for the coming cycle. Neither fully appreciates Anna’s strength or courage even when faced with soul wrenching betrayal.

While Anna continues to adapt to life as a vampire and come to terms with being the Chosen One, sex appears to occupy more of her time, which is unfortunate as those lackluster scenes slow the pace of the story without adding much tension. Certainly, readers will “get” the levels of betrayal Anna faces without this plot device and for those whose taste runs to empty paranormal sex there is always the Anita Blake series. By the conclusion, Anna comes to realize there is a reason she is the Chosen One but that doesn’t mean life is going to be easy as plots are already in the works to have her eliminated.


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