Book Review: Castle Rock

This re-release of a 1983 suspense/mystery centers around Serena Mallory and the New Mexico ranch she grew up on after being orphaned at twelve years old. Now an adult, Serena becomes the ranch manager after owner Dan MacIntire dies in an apparent accident. It is a monumental task made more difficult by the nagging suspicion that Dan’s death was no accident. Additionally, heirs with a more direct claim to the ranch are making life miserable and ranch guests suddenly appear to have secret reasons for choosing to vacation there. Will, Serena’s possible love interest and painter is losing himself in the bottle and a suspicious, lonely runway has been carved out of the rugged countryside nearby. Dan’s ten-year-old grandson Danny is the obvious heir so when he and an old, trusted ranch hand disappear, Serena fears the worst. Unfortunately, that is just what Serena must face if she is to find the killer and stop a high stakes drug smuggling ring that threatens to tear apart the life she knew. Fast pacing, the right mix of romance and suspense with an excellent, finely nuanced setting complete with Anasazi ruins makes for a fun, uncomplicated read. Though the general storyline is fairly routine, the character development is strong enough to carry it off. For readers familiar with horses, the southwest and ancient Indian ruins, this is a treat provided you aren’t looking for too many surprises. Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.