Book Review: Called to Darkness

After their clan had wiped out all but one member of a frost giant family, Kagur Blacklion’s father and leader of the Blacklion clan adopted the remaining little boy, Eovath. Growing up together, Kagur had always regarded Eovath as a beloved brother, which made his betrayal particularly bitter. Eovath attacked and destroyed Kagur’s entire clan, she survived only because of the steadfastness of a mammoth that brought her to a neighboring clan. Once on her feet, Eovath is determined to avenge her clan no matter what. Forced to accept the company of Holg, an old blind shaman, Kagur begins a journey into the Underdark and the Orv caves, always with the goal of killing Eovath. The frost giant is convinced he is doing the bidding of a god about to fully awaken and should that happen, all humans in the region will be slaughtered. It falls to Kagur, Holg and an assortment of others to face off an ancient evil or die trying.

This latest in the Pathfinder book series that ties into the Pathfinder game shows surprising depth as Kagur matures from a self-absorbed youngster into a warm, considerate and compassionate woman. She learns not to judge people by their appearances as she increasingly comes to rely upon Holg’s wisdom and knowledge. There is plenty of swordplay and magic to satisfy most anyone and readers need not be gamers to appreciate this nicely spun tale.

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