Book Review: Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry

If you have ever been tempted by the colorful assortment of lovely silk ribbons and cords available yet haven’t known how to take care of them in jewelry applications then this is the book for you. Fifty different jewelry designs incorporating a variety of different materials including ribbons, cords, leather, assorted beads, wire, lace trim and more are presented in this beginner friendly collection. The designs tend toward chunky as seen in the “Raku Ribbons” necklace that incorporates multicolored ribbons with handmade raku beads. Also on the larger size is the pretty “Nouvelle” necklace that artfully braids sari silk with jump rings and rainbow agate beads. Several patterns like the more delicate “Carey” necklace require basic wire working abilities while others like the “Copper Antiquity” earrings uses simple knotting techniques to good advantage.

With a few basic tools most of these designs are prefect for beginning jewelry makers as it is the combinations of beads, fibers and techniques that make the pieces work. With its three-strand braid of harmonious colored silk cords and pretty beads the “Ocean Love” necklace is an excellent example of how simple can be elegant. More advanced jewelers will likely be able to develop similar pieces on their own though they would miss the helpful advice about how to use and care for silk ribbons. All the designs feature Interweave Press’s excellent full color photography along with cookbook style directions with enough detail to assure success from the very first project.

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