Book Review: Blotto, Twinks and the Dead Dowager Duchess

The incredibly handsome but not-too-bright Devereux Lyminster who goes by the name of Blotto and his bright, beautiful sister Lady Honoria Lyminster, better known as Twinks have been conscripted by their mother the Dowager Duchess of Tawcester to attend a weekend houseparty. Blotto in particular just knew the weekend was doomed as not only would he be subjected to matchmaking plans but doubtless, there would be a murder at some point and unfortunately, he was correct on both counts. Before he could be caught in a compromising position with the hostess’s daughter, the venerable Dowager was discovered murdered. As Blotto and Twinks investigate the body, they could not help but notice the handprint in red paint on the Dowager’s back. After the local constabulary finger Corky, the Lyminster’s chauffer as the murderer, Blotto and Twinks must get busy solving the case but there is much more at stake then a simple murder or two. To prevent the destruction of Britain’s ruling class, Blotto and Twinks will need a good friend or two as they face the Crimson Hand.

If you are searching for a bright, funny murder mystery packed with plenty of hip, hip and cheerio then look no further. Set in British countryside during the 1920’s, this delivers a fast, sparkling adventure through the upper crust, a sleazy opium den and an ancient castle while including betrayals, unexpected help, narrow escapes and new uses for cricket bats.

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