Book Review: Blood of the Wicked

After the big quake redrew the maps, people were looking for a scapegoat and thanks to the government and church; witches fit the bill and gave rise to the Holy Order charged with finding and killing all witches. Ever since Jessie Leigh and her younger brother Caleb watched their mother’s killing, they learned to move frequently, avoid being noticed and living off the grid in New Seattle. With the arrival of witch hunter Silas Smith at her workplace, it seems that all Jessie’s efforts have been in vain. Silas isn’t letting her out of his sight and he has made it clear he expects Jessie’s help in finding her brother. During the year that he’s been gone, Caleb has become involved in some truly black magic and now the Order wants him exterminated.

With Jessie as his only lead, Silas isn’t above lying and twisting the truth to manipulate her. If only he could keep his mind on the assignment instead of Jessie’s whiskey eyes, gorgeous body and shining spirit. Jessie is terrified, she simply cannot believe Caleb capable of the atrocities his accused of committing and worse, if Silas discovers she is a witch it will be her death warrant.

This dark urban romance features plenty of sparks, bitter betrayals and unexpected discoveries that lay the groundwork for future installments to the new Dark Mission series. Cooper’s vision of New Seattle are interesting, especially the understructure that apparently no one is quite certain how works to support the high-rise Glass City. The action is fast and furious as the protagonists struggle with their feelings and backgrounds. The black magic rituals are gruesome but not nearly as frightening as learning who is orchestrating them. It all adds up to a strong start to the series.

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