Book Review: Blood Ties

Sunny McDonald fervently wishes for a normal life doing all the typical things an average teenager does. Too bad she won’t get that wish because as a fairy princess who happens to be the girlfriend of Magnus, the Blood Coven vampire leader, normal just is not about to happen in this lifetime. While Magnus prepares for a Consortium meeting, Sunny discovers Jayden, the sweet boy who saved her life during a fight is becoming a vampire as a result. Sunny was cured of vampirism by a sip of blood from the Grail before she was fully turned and will do whatever it takes to give Jayden the same opportunity. Unfortunately, the cure will have to be postponed as a radical faction of Slayer Inc. has stolen the Grail. If Sunny cannot find a way to stop the group being led by a slayer whom her sister accidentally turned into a vampire then not only will Jayden lose his humanity but also, the vampire community will face an entirely different kind of slayer, one that is already dead.

This series installment narrated by Sunny moves along at a brisk pace and revolves around her feelings for Magnus and Jayden which are satisfactorily resolved by the conclusion. While the story is engaging enough, it lacks the dynamic punch of some previous titles in the Blood Coven series but is still an enjoyable read that sets the stage for more to come.

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