Book Review: Blood Harvest

For the most part, the small seaside town of Black Stone Bay has moved on from the horrific events that took place Halloween night five years ago thanks to ancient vampire Jason Soulis. Jason enjoys wiling away eternity by setting up little “experiments” designed to create new varieties of vampires and now, five years later it is time to return to Black Stone Bay and view the results. Malcolm and his little brother Randy had no concept of the darkness that took up residence in their house, an evil, pestilence that existed only to feed and grow strong. When Randy and his girlfriend exhibit symptoms of a mysterious, contagious infection, the CDC is called in and immediate protective procedures are instituted little realizing what they are up against.

Local police officers Danny Holdstedter and Richard Boyd remember all too well that night five years ago when their perception of monsters was radically changed by witnessing first hand, creatures from nightmares. When a series of missing persons and a new variety of vampire known as shroud eaters appear, the partners quickly realize they are in over their heads, especially with Jason’s reappearance. When the father of Maggie Preston, a college aged student Jason turned into a vampire took ill with the mysterious disease, she decided it was time to get her addiction under control and take on the vampire responsible. Personal agendas aside, how do you kill a cunning foe that that is already dead and gaining frightening strength with every victim; completely exterminating cockroaches would be easier.

Once again Earthling Publications celebrates Halloween by serving up a lovely little gorefest as Moore picks up the story he began with Blood Red with this gruesome horror story full of razor toothed, pus oozing monsters straight out of your worst nightmares. Instead of tormented creatures of the night seeking to blend in with the human race, these vampires are scary enough to keep the most jaded horror fan flipping pages long into the night. The pace is fast, smooth and relentless, the character building solid and the climax satisfying while leaving just a tantalizing hint that Black Stone Bay may not be out of the woods just yet.

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