Book Review: Blood Gospel

Co-authored by Rollins and Cantrell this exciting if far fetched struggle between good and evil pits a varied range of characters from honorable vampires known as sanguinists to an evil grimwolf, professors to priests. Archaeologist and Professor Erin Granger was working a site in Israel with her graduate students when she was literally dragged away at gunpoint. A surprising earthquake split apart the ancient site of Masada revealing a mysterious hidden crypt that released a poisonous gas, killing hundreds of tourists and guides on the plateau with the exception of one sick boy. At Masada, Erin meets Sgt. Jordan Stone with the U.S. military and Father Rhun Korza from Rome and together, the three form a triad tasked with locating the stolen Blood Gospel that was housed in the ruined Masada crypt. As the triad crisscrosses the globe putting together archaic clues, they are pitted against a very clever, evil advisory that plans to find and present the Blood Gospel to her master. The players in a high stakes game of good and evil are moved into place and no matter who gains possession of the Blood Gospel, the war is just beginning.

While the overall storyline is strong, the appearance of Lazarus, Judas and Rasputin coupled with wine drinking sanguinists, evil blood drinking strogoi, a dove and others stretches believability almost to the breaking point. The settings are well developed as are Father Korza’s troubled feelings for Erin and the dynamics between the triad. There is plenty of action to hold readers interest and a credible tension level is maintained throughout this blend of religion, paranormal and history so if you are ready to suspend reality, this is an enjoyable read.

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