Book Review: Blood Forever

Sunny and Rayne McDonald were perfectly average teenagers until a year ago when they discovered vampires are real and not only that, the twins are honest to god fairy princesses. During the past year events spiraled out of control, resulting in Sunny’s death at the hands of a slayer, her vampire lover and Blood Coven leader Magnus was labeled a traitor and Pyrus, a powerful vampire leader is poised to begin a full-scale assault on humanity. In a desperate bid to bring her sister back to life, Rayne makes a deal with Hades that resets events a year to just prior their introduction into the vampire hierarchy.

In their new life, Magnus and Rayne’s lover Jareth and indeed everyone they met during the past year will have no memory of them or the events that transpired. It will be up to Sunny and Rayne to decide what direction their new lives should take and despite mutual pledges to live a vampire-free life, neither twin can stay away from their former loves. Now they must make Magnus and Jareth heed their warnings and redirect the course of history but the vampires are more then a little suspicious of the humans who seem to know so much, too much. If Rayne and Sunny cannot gain their former lovers’ trust, it could spell the end of humanity while negating all their sacrifice.

Mancusi wraps up the Blood Coven series complete with a bow while delivering a   neatly told tale that ties up all the loose ends and concludes on a happy-ever-after note for the twins. The girls discover how hard building trust can be and literally put their lives on the line to effect a change in history. The steady pace and subtle differences in characters keep the storyline fresh and it is clear that while no one else remembers the past year, Sunny and Rayne have grown up.

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