Book Review: Bite Club

Morganville, Texas is just your average college town, average that is except for the fact it is ruled by vampires who share an uneasy coexistence with its human residents. Claire Danvers is more then a bright, perceptive college student, she is a Friend of one of Morganville’s founder vampires and works for a demented but brilliant vampire scientist. Living the Glass House with Shane, her boyfriend; Eve, her best friend and Eve’s vampire boyfriend Michael, Claire does her best to divide her time between all her duties and still have a social life.

When Shane is excited about a new gym opening in town, Claire sees no reason for concern and drops in to watch him spar. The coldness and fury she sees in Shane is disturbing enough but when he deliberately picks a fight with Michael, Claire knows something is very wrong. But that’s not all that’s wrong in Morganville, a frantic midnight summons reveals the return of a vanquished foe and he’s deadlier then ever. As Shane continues to slide into darkness and becomes involved in cage fighting vampires, there is an even bigger fight taking place for the future of Morganville.

Book ten of the Morganville Vampires series delivers plenty of fast-paced action, an unexpected antagonist and a challenge that will test Claire and Shane’s love as nothing else has. Some clever plot twists and additional character development adds to this already strong series that just keeps on getting better.

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