Book Review: Beyond the God Particle

Physicists have theorized about the Higgs boson particle and what role it plays in the universe for years and at long last, the answers are tantalizingly close no thanks to Congress who closed down the Superconducting Super Collider project already under construction in Texas. Thankfully, the Europeans were not so short sighted and their vision was rewarded in 2012 with confirmation of the Higgs boson. For the time being, the discovery of the Higgs boson has little impact on world economies but further research could hold the keys to both a greater understanding of particle physics and profit potential.

Written for the layman, Lederman and Hill do a credible job of explaining not only the importance of this research but also some of the mathematics and basic physics behind it. The more difficult concepts are repeated but do not feel repetitious throughout this systematic explanation of super colliders and the secrets they are unlocking. The appendixes hold a wealth of information and are well worth checking out. Not a fast read by any means though more entertaining then you might expect and certainly educational for anyone looking to expand their understanding of how the universe works.


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