Book Review: Between Their Worlds

This aptly named new addition to the Noble Dead series effectively bridges between the saga’s second and third segments while delivering a first rate story. Held captive at the Guild of Sagecraft, Wynn Hygeorht needs access to ancient texts in order to locate two missing orbs being sought by the Ancient Enemy, a threat some sage members refuse to admit exists. Magiere, Leesil and Chap rejoin Wynn in the city of Calm Sett in hopes of helping her find the orbs but so much has happened to them all while they were apart that the group dynamics have changed. Knowing whom to trust is of paramount importance when Wynn becomes the galvanizing focus of several parties seeking to liberate her from the Guild’s virtual imprisonment and learn what she has uncovered about the orbs. Surrounded by so many agendas, Wynn and her companions will be challenged to reestablish old bonds and survive what is coming.

Once again, the Hendee’s have outdone themselves and written another knockout addition to this long running series. The fast pace is outdone only by the shifting interpersonal relationships that leave the reader panting to keep up. Several events and characters from previous books play a role in this complex tale full of surprises so it is best to savor this in proper sequence. Don’t even think about predicting where the storyline is going as it answers old questions and raises more new ones. While this book does not actually advance the series that much, the character interactions alone are well worth the cover price.

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