Book Review: Beneath Blossom Rain

For those unfamiliar with the Snowman Trek, it is a grueling two hundred sixteen mile hike over eleven Himalayan passes in the remote country of Bhutan. In 2007, Kevin Grange found himself confronting some serious life issues and felt a group trek through the mountains would be the ideal way to find the answers. What unfolds is a beautiful journey of discovery that celebrates the culture and simple magnificence of Bhutan. Additionally, Grange absorbs the spiritual aspect of this special country through his contacts with monasteries, monks and the many religious sites that beckon passersby to learn more of Buddhist philosophy. The interactions between the group and staff are entertaining, full of humor and add further depth to an already fascinating tale.

More then a simple travelogue, this engaging story of an amazing twenty-four day adventure will appeal to seasoned travelers and armchair explorers alike. The black and white snapshots lack the professional look which further accentuates the story while adding a sense of place. The warmth with which Granger portrays everyone he encounters and the breathtaking country allow readers to instantly connect to his adventures and perhaps begin to dream of their own trek.


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