Book Review: Bang! How We Came to Be

At long last, there is a beautifully illustrated children’s book explaining how the world and everything on it came to be that is based on science instead of religious pabulum. Yet for all the solid science, this easily understood book loses not an iota of wonder as it explains life’s journey from single-celled organisms finding haven in the sea to dinosaurs, mammals and eventually, human beings. At the same time, Rubino instills a sense of curiosity as he relates how scientific research has broadened our understanding of and appreciation for the intricacies of the universe that began with the big band. The book ends on a thoughtful note as a heartfelt plea is made about becoming responsible stewards as our little world is plagued by pollution, overpopulation and the decimation of countless species, all presented in a kid-friendly manner.

The illustrations are top-notch, the explanations clear and the tone bright enough to keep short attention spans engaged. This is without a doubt the best children’s book of its kind and provides a nice way for parents and children to connect with some “read me a story” time.

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