Book Review: Bad Juju

Gritty, sexy and psychotically twisted, this collection of pulp fiction is as entertaining as they come. Several are set in tropical climes lending an exotic feel while even the more mundane settings are steeped in double-dealings, corrupt officials and femme fatales. Nothing, not even your next-door neighbor or your spouse is quite what they seem when treated to Woods demented touch as seen in “Ideas of Murder” in Southern Vermont.

“Incident in the Tropics” takes the ugly American stereotype to extremes when a woman becomes convinced that one of the local boys not only was staring at her boobs, but also stole her camera. Evolution takes an interesting if terrifying direction in “Shark Bite” and for fans of the Coen Brothers, “No Way Jose” serves up a particularly appealing treat. All these stories are a combination of Hunter Thompson and Alfred Hitchcock with hints of Stephen King, in other words, a treat.

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