Book Review: Aunt Dimity and the Wishing Well

Everyone knows their neighbors in the close knit Cotswold Village of Finch, England which made the reclusive Hector Huggins something of a mystery. While most residents thrived on gossip and knowing the latest news, Hector fished and kept to himself but that didn’t prevent the community at large from attending his funeral. Concluding services were interrupted by the unexpected arrival of outgoing Jack McBride, a nephew from Australia who is charged with settling Hector’s affairs. Transplanted American, Lori Shepherd who lives in a nearby cottage with her husband and twin boys and an outspoken neighbor, Bree Pym were helping Jack clear away years of accumulated old vegetation when they discovered a small well. “Speak and your wish will be granted” was carved onto a rock on the charming little well and after days of unrelenting rain, Lori wishes for it to stop raining. Surprisingly, the next day dawned sunny and warm which was all the proof residents needed to believe wishes made in the well would come true.

So began a steady stream of locals to the well and while plenty of wishes appeared to be granted, some folks discovered wishing for something and actually having it are two very different things. Soon, Lori and her spectral friend/detective Aunt Dimity who communicates via writing on the pages of a special book are looking into what is going on with all the wishes. What they discover will transform how residents of Finch view their former neighbor Hector who obviously was more aware of them then he let on.

This lively cozy combines a warm sense of community with a light mystery and fully realized characters, most of whom readers will recognize from previous titles in the series. Aunt Dimity provides droll observations while the animosity between Jack and Bree gradually evolve into deeper feelings. Although this is the nineteenth book in the Aunt Dimity series, it isn’t necessary to have read previous titles to appreciate this one. Curl up in your comfy chair with a hot mug and enjoy.

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