Book Review: Atlas of the Great Plains

Lacking the drama of coastlines and magnificence of mountain ranges, the Great Plains rarely get the attention they deserve considering the amount of land encompassed within its loosely defined borders. Stretching from Texas into Canada, the Great Plains has a rich history, fascinating geology and fauna along with a diverse population to match. Although this beautifully produced atlas was published to be a companion to the Great Plains Encyclopedia, it has more then enough depth to stand on its own. The over three hundred maps cover everything from the expected geography to the unexpected like the number of name brand retailers such as Braum’s and Wal-Mart scattered throughout the Plains. Particularly interesting are the maps detailing the votes cast during presidential elections from 1860 to 2008, religious and population diversity, crop acreage and livestock density.

Whether your interest is cartography, social trends or a desire to learn more about our country’s midsection, this glorious book is sure to captivate and educate. The excellent full color maps are easy to understand while the text provides just the right amount of additional information to educate without overwhelming. It would be a treat to see this book in every classroom across the country but as that is unlikely, be sure to add it to your personal library.

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