Book Review: Ansel Adams in Color

Ansel Adams amassed an amazing body of photographs and while most people are familiar with his distinctive black and white style, few are aware of his color photography. Spectacular, timeless and just as evocative now as the day they were taken, this collection builds upon that put together in 1993 by Harry Callahan with the addition of twenty previously unpublished images. James Enyeart’s extensive essay “Quest for Color” as well as several of Adams’ writings regarding the nature of color photography as an art form accompanies the striking images spanning approximately twenty years.

While it is tempting to call this a coffee table book, the writings offer depth and insight into what was then, an emerging art. They show Adams’ frustration with the evolving science of color imaging and its results thus providing a rare inside look at the artist. This would be a treasured gift for anyone interested in excellent photography, art or with a mind to learn more about one of America’s premier landscape photographers.


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