Book Review: Angel of Vengeance

As a vampire, Mick Angel is a private investigator with a difference and a personal agenda. He seeks justice for the little guys who get the short end of the LA judicial system and operates by a strict moral code that includes not harming women, children or innocents. Sexy, red haired burlesque dancer Reesa Van Cleef hired Mick to locate her missing younger sister, setting him on the trail of notorious drug dealers, producers, strippers and cops. What isn’t immediately apparent is the elaborate scheme of murder and revenge engineered specifically for Mick. His vampire abilities will not be enough to keep him out of trouble when lost love raises its ugly head.

With a gumshoe vampire savoring reminders of yesteryear while championing the everyday Joe, this light vampire mystery is reminiscent of P.N. Elrod’s Vampire Files.
Filled with gritty, lowlife characters that deserve everything they get, the storyline unfolds quickly with enough twists to hold readers attention. Not deep or filled with complex vampire culture, this is pure simple entertainment.


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