Book Review: American Cookery

America is a country rich in cultural diversity and in few places is this more evident then in the food we enjoy. This latest edition of the 1972 release is a joy to read as the country of origin and how the recipe evolved plus Beard’s personal observations add humor and a sense of history to what is sure to become a treasured classic. Jam-packed with recipes, don’t go looking for flashy photography rather; savor Beard’s ability to combine so much history and general knowledge into a “humble” cookbook. Many recipes are quite unusual as seen in Tongue-Stuffed Birds (yes, it really does call for smoked tongue) or Brain Timbales and while they may not be something you want to whip up, they are certainly interesting to read about. Thankfully, there are a plethora of everyday recipes like the Basic Soufflé Mixture that includes nine variations to make use of whatever fresh vegetable you have on hand.

From meats to desserts, vegetables to soups, breads to pickles, this comprehensive collection really is a cook’s bible. Whether you are a new bride, a seasoned cook or looking for the perfect gift for that hard to please person, this will appeal to anyone with an interest in food, cooking or the history behind recipes we take for granted.

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