Book Review: Always the Vampire

Cesca Marinelli is not only a vampire princess, she is the maid of honor for her best friend Maggie’s Victorian wedding and nothing is going to prevent the big event from going off without a hitch though hopefully, without wearing a bustle. However, there is a sinister magical construct known as the Void that is infecting supernatural creatures, literally sucking the life out of its victims. Because Cesca’s lover Saber has tasted both vampire and werewolf blood, he was open to infection and she must either find a solution or watch him succumb. Cesca seeks the assistance of Triton, her former love interest, Cosmil, a powerful wizard and others to find the source of the Void. They soon discover a plot by Cosmil’s power hungry brother that if successful, would destroy everything they hold dear. It will take all Cesca’s growing abilities, some ancient amulets and ghostly assistance to pull off all her pressing maid of honor duties while destroying those responsible for the Void before it can destroy the paranormal community.

Following her bestseller Last Vampire Standing, Haddock presents a light, sparkling paranormal romance. In a genre packed with kick-butt heroines, Cesca comes off as a bit softer, more open to self-doubt and willing to seek outside assistance. Fans of the series will enjoy watching Cesca grow into her powers and the development of her relationship with Saber which ramps up a notch by the conclusion. An interesting cast of supporting characters ranging from wizards to a common housecat, dolphin men to a telepathic panther woman adds depth and the Void is an unusual adversary in this blending of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

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