Book Review: Alpha

The multimillion-dollar WilsonVille empire that includes an enormous southern California theme park was built on a cartoon dog and a very clever marketing plan. Jad Bell, a Master Sergeant in the Delta Force, an elite counter terrorism unit, got himself hired as the theme park’s high-level security officer and at first, wonders at the reason for his undercover assignment but he doesn’t have long to wait. Gabriel Fuller, posing as a college student was actually a Russian trained sleeper agent. After getting a summer job at WilsonVille, Fuller swings into action and releases toxin into the park’s air system triggering a massive evacuation but not before a number of hostages including Bell’s deaf daughter are captured. With the threat of a dirty bomb and his daughter’s life on the line, Bell must walk a fine line between being an elite solder and a father while the clock keeps ticking down.

This fast paced, high-octane thriller has everything readers could want. Rucka maintains bowstring taut tension throughout the smoothly told story while maintaining a realistic, current feel. Finely drawn characters, original plot twists,  and plenty of firefights and chases throughout the underground maze that supports WilsonVille will hold your attention riveted to the very last page, Alpha is a winner.

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