Book Review: Alpha and Omega

Briggs’s popular urban fantasy Alpha and Omega, released in 2008 is certain to find a new audience with its re-release as a graphic novel. Surviving the violent attack that turned her into a werewolf, Anna Latham spent three years living a hellish existence as the lowest member of a pack prior to her rescue by Charles Cornick, her mate. Anna was finally properly identified as a rare omega wolf with her own special powers that make her a valued member of a different pack. As she struggles to come to terms with being newly mated to the pack’s powerful enforcer, Anna and Charles must track down a savage killer loose in the mountains. The gruesome murder of assorted hunters and hikers threatens to reveal the existence of werewolves, endangering them all but success requires Anna and Charles to work through some serious issues before they can effectively function as a team.

Vivid illustrations and concise dialog set a brisk pace right up to the cliffhanger ending. Although abbreviated from the original, the basic storyline remains intact with the expressive drawing style capturing some of the more subtle character nuances. Although there is violence and illusions of sexual conduct, there is nothing here to prevent preteens from enjoying the story. The gallery provides a behind the scenes look at the differences between basic concept drawings and the full color illustrations while an except from Fair Game provides a peek at what’s to come in the latest Alpha and Omega series.

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