Book Review: All Things Wicked

Life is tough in the New Seattle Underground and Caleb Leigh has done a lot of things he’s not proud of, killing Juliet Carpenter’s sister is just one of them. Juliet vowed revenge for her sister’s death and if that means killing a man she once had an intimate relationship with, so be it. Although Juliet got the drop on Caleb in his bedroom, the tables were quickly turned when her resolve weakened a little bit. Not to be thwarted, Juliet called the Coven of the Unbinding with unexpected consequences. Now she and Caleb are on the run from both the Coven and the Mission through the dank regions of the Underground and beyond.

It tears Caleb up to bear the brunt of Juliet’s hatred; she has such inner beauty and innate sweetness about her, a sharp contrast to the brutal, ugly world he knows. How can he hope to make Juliet understand the circumstances regarding her sister’s death without more betrayal? As Caleb and Juliet’s mutual attraction grows, a sinister plot involving genetic manipulation comes to light and their only chance of survival will depend upon her trusting him enough to use her gifts.

Cooper’s latest of the Dark Mission series does an excellent job of filling in Caleb’s turbulent background allowing readers to understand the reasons behind his actions and see him as a flawed man instead of a monster. Juliet is different from previous female lead characters, though she starts out sure and determined she quickly turns into a softer, needier woman in need of protection. Characters from previous titles make cameo appearances and while it is possible for readers new to the series to get a feel of the larger story, it is best to start at the beginning which shouldn’t be a problem as this inventive urban fantasy is sure to please.

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