Book Review: Alien in the Family

With the countdown to Kitty Kat and Jeff Martini’s wedding closing in on the six-week mark, they are finding planning the prefect interspecies event becoming increasingly more complicated. Kitty is human and Jeff is one of the hunky males from Alpha Centauri charged with keeping visiting superhumans in line. They are also the first such interspecies couple thus the center of a media circus. Of course, as Jeff is part of the royal family on his home world with a meddlesome father intent upon orchestrating the wedding to his satisfaction, things quickly spiral out of control. With representatives from the Planetary Council, Amazonian assassins, assorted shapeshifters, spies and beasties oh my showing up, what could possibly go wrong with this picture perfect wedding.

Although the story is a bit slow at the start, it quickly begins picking up steam and maintains it to the last. The main characters introduced in Touched by an Alien remain as charming and quirky as ever though Kitty and Jeff both show more of their vulnerable side. Equal parts tongue-in-cheek humor, romance, sci-fi and action adventure, this rare treat is filled with quick wit although make no mistake; it is the wedding with all the trimmings that takes center stage in this wild ride.


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