Book Review: Accidentally Catty

After a nasty turn of events in the big city, forty-one year old veterinarian Katie Woods felt it necessary to relocate her practice to a small town in upstate New York where the locals barely tolerate her. Katie’s life takes a turn for the weird after receiving a scratch while treating a wounded cougar found on her doorstep. Suddenly she has a paw and a few other unexpected anomalies that prompted her staff to call the special women of OOPS who have first hand experience in dealing with paranormal creatures. When the OOPS unit arrives, the cage Katie placed the cougar in now contains a hunky chunk of confused young man who can’t remember his name, past or how he wound up being a cougar.

As Katie, the werecougar and OOPS unit begin looking into the shady dealings going on at the nearby wild animal park in hopes of finding out more about their mystery man, they discover much more then anyone bargained for. Recovering his memory, Shaw begins looking into the past for answers as fires ignite between him and Katie. Can their newly discovered lust/love overcome the many challenges facing them or will old grudges win the day.

Fifth of the Accidentally series, this light comedic paranormal romance delivers simple, unencumbered entertainment. A lively pace, the bonds of friendship, and bright humor aided by vampiric sarcasm make for a breezy read with charming characters and no shortage of drama. Cassidy’s fans are sure to enjoy this while newcomers will be reminded of MaryJanice Davidson’s or Kimberly Frost’s work. 

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