Book Review: A Temptation of Angels

Sixteen-year-old Helen Cartwright was used to hearing late night arguments between her parents and their friends so she had no reason to think this night was any different. That was before her mother frantically woke Helen up, gave brief instructions and hid her behind a secret panel. Helen was forced to accept that her parents were murdered, the house where she grew up burned to the ground and the life she once knew, gone forever. Sequestered in a safe house with Griffin and Darius, two brothers whose parents were murdered under similar circumstances, Helen learns she is one of three remaining angelic descendents. Although Helen has yet to grow into Enlightenment, she will become a Keeper charged with protecting the world’s history and future.

Griffin and Darius must continue Helen’s training while they attempt to discover who is responsible for systematically eradicating the Keepers. As Helen investigates who could be orchestrating the deaths she realizes Raum, a childhood friend has essentially sold his principals to the devil but that doesn’t keep her from having feelings for this conflicted character. An obsessed businessman is determined to gain access to the Akashic Records, which would give him the ability to alter the Earth’s past, present and future. As Helen tries to balance her feelings for Griffin and her childhood playmate, she must stay alive long enough to learn how to be a Keeper because she may hold the key to the world’s future.

Set in Victorian London, this inventive young adult tale has a seamless blend of gothic romance, angels, demons and a dash of steampunk that will appeal to older readers as well. Helen is a sweet, impetuous character whose well meaning actions frequently get her into trouble. The personality clashes between Helen and Darius is an interesting addition while her conflicted feelings for Griffin and Raum are typical romance fare. The Keeper’s mode of travel, steampunk touches and smooth story telling keep this from being just another teen paranormal romance tale.

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