Book Review: A Pack of Dogs

Anyone who has ever enjoyed the companionship of a good dog will delight in this compilation of excerpts that celebrate their nature, temperament and inner lives. Penned by such notables as Virginia Woolf, John Galsworthy, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Arthur Conan Doyle, these pieces delve into what it means to be a dog and our relationships with them. The cheerful, beguiling illustrations of Christopher Brown grace several of the pages and indeed, served in part as a source of the editor’s inspiration for this volume.

While several of the excerpts have been in print for years, there are some newer pieces including a rather pertinent work by dog breeder Kay White and veterinary surgeon J.M. Evens. They came up with a list of things dogs can and cannot do as well as what dogs are susceptible to which includes “Magic, thrown objects and deterrents which appear to come from outer space.” With the holiday gift season rapidly approaching, this would be a welcome treat for dog lovers young and old.

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