Book Review: A Nantucket Experience

After twenty years of enjoying the charms of Nantucket Island with family and friends during summer vacations, Dunlap and family relocated to the island permanently. As a new year-rounder, Dunlap began writing about the joys of changing seasons on the small island; its close-knit community, traditional celebrations, preparations for the hoards of summer visitors and more. What emerges is a sweet travelogue that pays homage to this distinctive destination including the varied shops, restaurants, theater and activities such as the annual Thanksgiving morning Cold Turkey Plunge into the Atlantic Ocean.

Each month is given a chapter complete with full color photographs that illustrate the points being made in each mini essay. Told with warmth and obvious love of the island, Dunlap has captured the allure of Nantucket as only a resident could. Whether you’ve spent time on the island or looking for a new travel destination, this lovely coffee table book makes a nice addition to the armchair traveler’s library.

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