Book Review: A Giant Pencil

Billy, the grumpy lead character is part of a large family and feels like everyone including the neighbor’s dog is picking on him. It’s just no fun being a kid and having everyone point out your faults and weaknesses, too bad he can’t just make stern teachers, parents and the bigger kids on the playground disappear. The appearance of a huge magical pencil gives Billy the power to make his wishes come true and life will surely be so much simpler without everyone picking on him, or so he thinks. As Billy erases everyone who annoys him, the world becomes a much emptier, scarier place. By the time Billy figures out what all his erasing has caused there is not much left of the pencil, can he restore the world before the magic is used up?

Connor Wilson began writing this charming children’s story when he was eight years old and at the ripe old age of twelve, became a published author. It is nice to see a childrens book that is actually written by a youngster, after all, who better to know what kids are thinking about. Bright illustrations perfectly compliment the story which deals with some of the frustrations that are a part of growing up while lightly touching on bullying and the importance of family.

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