Billy Corgan featured at SXSW Interactive

Billy Corgan will be featured at SXSW Interactive Monday, March 12.

Corgan, frontman for The Smashing Pumpkins, will participate in a panel at the SXSW Interactive Conference next week.

The singer, songwriter and guitarist will be joining Brian Solis, author of multiple books including “The End of Business as Usual,” Monday, March 12 (3:30 PM, Austin Convention Center, Ballroom D).

“No More (Music) Business As Usual”– is a discussion about key themes from Solis’ new book and Corgan’s experience as it relates to the music industry as a whole.

The subject explores how technology is influencing personal and professional lives and how that affects the music business, artistry and an artist’s livelihood. 

The focus will be on changing the methods that artists use to deliver music by re-inventing new systems that can work hand in hand with the art they created. The goal will be to put the art of music back to the forefront by ignoring the continual need of the music industry to standardized systems to promote and sell music in an era of constant change.

Corgan will cite examples of how he is embracing these changes with his own projects including the ongoing Teargarden By Kaleidyscope releases, the direct-to-fan SPRC (Smashing Pumpkins Record Club) and the concept of bringing back the album experience through the band’s upcoming release of Oceania.

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