Back to School: Clocky and Bobbi-Toads fun new finds

I always loved the beginning of a new school year; stocking up on Elmer’s glue and protractors. 

Cleaning out my closets and filling them with all the new hip fashions, and later, in college, getting my first apartment ready for all the keggers we would be throwing with cute frat boys falling in love with me and my roommates. 

Things haven’t changed that much, I still love peeling Elmer’s glue off my hand, I still love filling up my closets now that I have even more room and parties with cute boys… well that never changes, I still love that!

Here are a couple of nifty things that you might need for the new school year for whatever stage of your life:

For the young lady of the house:


Why not give your pre-teener with her first must have and start that shoe fetish early??  Bobbi-Toads offer  unique footwear for young girls.  They are loud and bright and easy to put on with Velcro straps or lace ups.  Your girls will love the fun designs and flashy colors that go with any ensemble they wear.  But the absolute neatest thing about these shoes is the toe area!  You read that right, the toes.

These sneaks have molded “toenails” in the rubber cap of the shoe that allows the girls to get creative and girly by polishing the toe nail area.  Little Sally can change the color of her “toes” to match her outfit or her mood or to impress her friends.  She can draw designs or mix and match various colors.  You can order the Bobbi-Toad brand of nail polish, but just about any brand will work on these sneaks.    And what a great way to bond with your daughter over her very first pedi!!

Check out

For the lazy teenager:


Have you ever tried to get your kid out of bed for school?  Why not just lift your house around him because that would be so much easier and less taxing to your soul.  What is it with teens and bed?  Don’t they know there is a whole world out there that involves open eyes and pants??

If you want to wake up junior and still love him, you must pick up a Clocky.  This wild alarm clock pretty much guarantees that your sleepy teen will get out of bed.  It looks like a normal digital alarm clock but it has big wheels on either side so once the alarm goes off, the clock jumps off the table, and scampers away… beeping. 

Clocky will continue beeping until the kid gets out of bed and physically turns it off.  Once he’s up and awake, he shouldn’t go back to bed.    However, beware that your kid might just throw this against the wall in total frustration.

This is great for high schoolers or college kids who need that extra  “oomph” to get out of bed and get their asses to classes.

The Clocky can be ordered at:


PS…  Remember to pick up batteries.

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