August Made in USA spotlight: Foot Cardigan kills it for sock freaks

I have a theory about people who adore whacked out socks.

They’re creative, usually on surface a tad introverted but they have a big ol’ extrovert just screaming to jump outside their bodies. Anyone who wears a two piece suit, tie, starched shirt and a pair of flamingo socks you want to know. Or at the very least date and potentially marry.


Foot Cardigan is the brainchild of a cadre of men who all hail from different disciplines. As they describe themselves: “A copywriter, a web developer, a surgical equipment salesman, a Public Administration PhD, and a former music industry hack.”

What they have is a genius American company that is all cheek and little BS; you buy sock subscription, you get socks. And no, you do NOT get to choose. You must trust their sensibilities and expect the unexpected.  For $9 bucks a month, this is a great gift for the little sock monster man or woman in your life. If you are a control freak who wants choice- move along. No cool socks for you!


Foot Cardigan socks are fabulously bizarre and made very well. The quality and love goes into these just right stretchy works of art that are mini sweaters for your feet.  

The story of how these Foot Cardigan moguls came to an accord and chucked their day jobs is entertaining and worth a read.


The M&C “best in show” award for the American small business for the month of August, 2013 is awarded to the Foot Cardigan Five who “spend most of their time lounging on giant piles of socks and driving around in their sock-shaped monster trucks.” We’re really glad to have met them.

Be brave, delight a friend or treat yourself. This is great gift to consider for the coming holidays because it’s both practical and a luxury. That’s a rare feat (pun intended) in fashion land.

The socks are 75% combed cotton, 20% polyester, 5% spandex, 2.4% natural “and artificial flavors, 1.7% laughter, and the last twinkle of a distant dying star.”

The Footsie Five currently offer two general sizes, one for women and one for men. The women’s socks will fit a women’s shoe size 5-10 and the men’s socks will fit up to a men’s 12. Foot Cardigan socks are super stretchy and fit a wide variety of feet. BUT if you get some that don’t fit, they’ll take the return.

The promise that you will get your socks around the same time every month, plus or minus a few days.

The guys also offer international shipping.  Shipping to Mexico is $4.50 USD, everywhere else that isn’t the USA is $6.50 USD.

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