August 2013 USA made spotlight: Unmarx mitt gets rid of clothing marks in a snap

August 2013 spotlight for the best made in the USA product find:

Our criteria was met as we discovered a fantastic product, UNMARX, this month via Twitter.

Proudly made in Michigan, two sisters designed and made this genius product that obliterates stains like deodorant and pet hair remnants.


Stephanie and Nancy Tomovska invented the Unmarx, a simple affordable ($10) device that slips on the hand and safely wipes off traces of dirt, salt, deodorant, pet hair, makeup, baby powder and more from your fabulous frock or brand new suit.

No water needed, just pop on this versatile mesh surface mitt that grabs and goes, leaving you looking great.

Stephanie tells M&C: “My sister Nancy and I are co-owners of Unmarx and we have a few eclectic, energetic and happy employees that love helping us make Unmarx a USA product that everyone needs in their home!” 

Bonus intel: 5% of all sales go to Breast Cancer Reseach.

Hollywood also loves them and Unmarx are seen in wardrobe trailers all over the southland. – also found at Walgreens.

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