Apparently, Neal Schon was married too, Salahi affair blows up two marriages

The Salahis are in the news again as Michaele went from being one of “The Real Housewives of Washington DC” to a real home-wrecker of Journey guitarist Neal Schon’s newlywed bliss.

Not only is Michaele’s husband Tareq frosted and filing for divorce, but apparently Schon had a wife too, Ava Fabian, a former Playboy Playmate model.

TMZ reported that Neal and Ava were wed this past July in Paris, but their honeymoon stage allegedly fizzled out fast.

Ava Fabian tells the TMZ-ers that she is “shocked and is completely devastated” by Neal Schon’s out of the blue affair with married Michaele Salahi.

“This is very painful for me. I’m very hurt,” Ava told TMZ. Asked if she would ever consider taking Schon back, Fabrian replied with a firm, “No.”


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