Alien Armageddon is coming

Writer/Director Neil Johnson’s Alien Armageddon is coming to San Diego Comic Con as it prepares to descend on Video OnDemand August 1st through Comcast, Cablevision, Insight, and Cox, then hits TimeWarner, At&T, FIOS, and Direct TV in December before arriving on DVD and Blu-ray in January 2012.

With special makeup effects from Monster FX, the film stars Claudia Wells, Virginia Hey, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Eric Nyenhuis, DeeDee Bigelow, and George Noory.

The new sci-fi action film follows an invasion of Earth by an ancient alien race. The city of Los Angeles is fortified as an alien stronghold and the only way to fight is from within. Now all humanity can hope for is to make a last stand in Los Angeles where they must survive, resist and fight.

Here is a look at some production stills from the film and a San Diego Comic Con flyer:

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